2020-03-07 11:00:00

Side By Side by Pr. Evaldo Vicente

33 mins.
2020-02-29 11:00:00

The Abundant Life by Marie Clarke

51 mins.
2020-02-22 11:00:00

An Intelligent Faith - Part 3: When It Seems That God Is Silent

Have you ever been asked, “What is Faith? Is faith a feeling? Is faith something you hold on to when there is no other way? What is a saving faith?” For three Sabbaths, Pastor Vicente invites you to explore the theme An Intelligent Faith and look at the bible for answers to those questions. 42 mins.





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Pastor Evaldo Vicente


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April 11, 2020 2:30 PM
April 15, 2020 6:00 PM
April 17, 2020
Unfortunately, due to the current health risk associated with COVID-19, this event has been cancelled.
I hope you'll join me as we ask, can God be trusted? My plan over the four meetings is to discuss four big topics that have troubled many people:

Friday, April 17 @ 7 PM: "Is the bible really trustworthy?"
Saturday, April 18 @ 11 AM: "Can we trust organized religion?"
Saturday, April 18 @ 7 PM: "Is there a loving God in a world full of suffering?"
Sunday, April 19 @ 7 PM: "Where and what is hell?"

As we explore these questions, it’s my hope that you’ll be encouraged. If you have any questions or thoughts about anything I share, please let me know! Comment and question cards will be available, and I always enjoy hearing from people wherever I speak. Once again, I hope and pray that you’ll be blessed this weekend.

- James W. Rooney
April 20, 2020 5:00 PM
April 20, 2020 6:00 PM



Sabbath (Saturday) 
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Bible Study and Prayer Meeting are cancelled until further notice